5 Surprising Facts About Antigua

Whether you're planning a trip to Antigua or are just curious about the island, here are 5 surprising facts you probably didn't know.

365 Beaches

Antigua boasts a white sand beach for every day of the year. You'll find reefs, coves, and clear waters to go with the beauty of the sandy beaches. Antigua's most popular and best beaches include Fort James Beach, Hawksbill Beach, Ffryes Bay, Darkwood Beach, Dickenson Bay, and Turners Beach on the southwest coasts. On the east side of the island, top beaches include Half Moon Bay, voted the number one beach by the Travel Channel, and Long Bay, known for amazing snorkeling.


Antigua is the largest of the Leeward Islands. It's a 108 square mile limestone, clay, and volcanic rock, low-lying coral island known for its natural landscape and pink and white sand beaches.


Although Antigua natives and long time residents have their own unique dialects, they are fluent English speakers. English is the official language of the island.

Entry Requirements

To visit the island, visitors from the U.S. only need a valid passport (valid for six months after travel dates) and a round trip or departure ticket. Some non-U.S. citizen's or Permanent Residents traveling from the U.S require a visa, which can be applied for on arrival at the airport. Applications can also be made online via "Visa Services" at www.immigration.gov.ag.

Destination Weddings Simplified

Getting married on Antigua and Barbuda is easy. Unlike other Caribbean destinations, there are no residency requirements which allows couples to marry the day they arrive or the day after they arrive. Even cruise passengers can marry while in port. All couples need to wed are valid passports, proof of citizenship, and proof of marital status. All applicants must be over 18 years of age. If the bride or groom were previously married, they will need the original divorce decree or, in the case of a widow or widower, the original marriage and death certificates.